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    "For the love of" Yi "from the" green "to go home"


       On the afternoon of May 17, 16 people of our company in Changsha City Federation of trade unions, Changsha City Office in Changsha Orange Island Scenic Area jointly organized "to love" benefit "go - the" green "home" - 2016 Changsha City workers hike. The event through the green health, low carbon environmental protection, universal form of movement, the interpretation of the green, environmental protection, low carbon, health, the development of the theme. Workers on foot route around Orange Island, a circle, a total length of about 8 km, the event, the activities of each participating players to go all out to go all the way, do not trample on the grass, do not violate the green idea. The event is our intense work in a relaxed, although we have made gratifying achievements, but in us along the way to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Orange Isle, feel the meaning of low carbon travel fun and two types of construction.

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