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    • Welcome to visit the official website of Changsha Blower Co., Ltd.
    • Welcome to visit the official website of Changsha Blower Co., Ltd.



    Changsha Blower Co.,Ltd. is an state-holding enterprise, belongs to local State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. It is the vice president unit of Blower Branch of China General Machinery Industry, an appointed manufacturer for producing corollary blowers for state major technological equipment and the unit that drafts the state standard of Roots blower. With 812 employee, it has 10 departments and 6 factories, a holding found sub-company and a joint-stock compressor company.

    The company’s predecessor, the Changsha Blower Works, was one of the 500 largest machinery enterprises in China. It was founded in 1950, produced Roots blowers since 1958. It was the company that imported exclusively the advanced Roots blower (vacuum pump) technology from Japan by the permission of China MOFTEC in 1986. It was ISO9001 certified in 1997, ISO14001 certified and GB/T280001 certified in 2008.

    As a leading company in China, Changsha Blower Co.,Ltd. has the test center of Roots blower in China, the Provincial Technical Center that combines the design and process test. Its powerful professionals were responsible for many times for national important projects about Roots blower in “Eighth-Five Years Plan” , “Ninth-Five Years Plan”, “Tenth-Five Years Plan”; and accomplished many tasks that were ordered by National Important Equipment Office, Sinopec, Machinery Department Important Equipment Office.

    As a company in Roots blower industry of China that imported international advanced manufacturing technology, we could better digest and absorb the imported technology, then developed our products with proprietary intellectual property. We produced successively AR series Roots blowers, JTS/CTS tri-lobe low noise Roots blower packages, JAS tri-lobe high-pressure Roots blower packages, S series small &high-speed&energy-saving Roots blowers, TAS and TAR double-stage Roots blowers, R-VT high negative pressure Roots vacuum pumps, various special gas blowers, and blowers with intelligent monitoring system. Our products lead in the technology so that they filled the Roots blower technology gap and created many important application precedents in China. They are as advanced as the best international products, and make a great contribution in promoting large equipment made at home in industries such as petrochemical industry, power, metallurgy, fertilizer and building material. 

    So far, we have numerous honors: over 100 items in scientific research fruit; patents 14; 4 products awarded Ministry Prize; 10 products awarded Provincial Prize; 20 projects awarded Provincial and City Progress Prize or Provincial and City Excellent Technological Innovation Prize; many products awarded National Energy-saving Products Prize, National New Products Prize, Provincial New Products Prize; Famous Brand Prize; 9 series products CE certified; 2 series Coal Mine Safety certified; Model Company in After-sale Satisfactory Service; Innovation Enterprise; Excellent Enterprise. Our products are widely used in various industries such as energy, power, petroleum, building materials, metallurgy, chemical plant, fertilizer, mine, food, environment protection, natural gas, etc. Our market share is more than 25%. We have an obvious market advantage in the industries such as petrochemical industry, power, building materials, oxygen generation. Our products are sold to more than 30 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia as corollary equipment with other equipment in chemical engineering, power station, building materials and metallurgy projects.

    “Technical Leading, Quality Best, Customer First” has been our manage idea. With sincere attitude, modest work style, good product quality,timely&thoughtful after-sale service, we are willing to cooperate with old&new friends, and create better future with our friends





    Development Vision:We will continue to make the series Roots blowers as our main products, specialize and strengthen the Roots blowers, then develop new products,diversify the business models, promote the capital operation and prepare for listing in stock market at proper time, build a brand new developing model of “main body with two wings”. We will take the technological updating as a chance, quicken the process reengineering and mechanism innovation, speed up the improvement of company competence and personnel competence, be a company that has main products,and benefits from good quality and outstanding brand, be a first-class company that has international competitiveness.


    We became the agent of Air-Foil-Bearing Centrifugal Blowers that are produced by South Korea SeAH Engineering.
    We became a subsidiary of Avic Landing Gear Advanced Manufacturing Group,a state-owned enterprise.
    Chlorine Roots compressor in China was produced.
    Steam blower operation
    We developed S series Roots blower of high efficiency and less energy consumption, which realized our strategy of making excellent products.
    We were ISO9001,ISO14001:,GB/T28001 certified.
    Most Competive Brand named by Ministry of Commerce
    Our main products obtained the CE certificate.
    Manufactured Roots blower of the  flow , capacity 1200m3/min
    We became a shareholding company.
    To be one of the company approved by Ministry of Machine Building to use GB standard
    To be Choice machine in Water Treatment Industry issued by Ministry of Machine Building & State Technical Supervision Bureau
    We developed the single stage high negative pressure vacuum pump in China, vacuum –78.4kpa, which attain reward of national eighth five technology achievement.
    We developed successfully the cooling blower used in nuclear station.
    We are  one who introduced the Roots blower technology from Japan.
    As leading company, we participate in Sixth Five state Research Program-Join Design of Blower industry
    We developed special Roots blower that was used in aerospace field.
    We became the company in China serialize production of Roots blower
    We began to produce Roots blower, and have produced 60,000 Roots blowers for 50 years.
    The company was built by public-private cooperation, producing general machinery.