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    Summary of company meeting in 2015

     In January 8th, the company held a meeting of the Party committee and the 2015 annual leadership of the Democratic life. The meeting was chaired by the Secretary of the Party committee Comrade Liu run Shan, all team members to participate in, the aircraft has Department of party work Zhang Xiangming, discipline inspection and supervision department of Qing Gong Wang attended the meeting.

    During the meeting, a special study on the relevant content of "the rule of the Chinese Communist Party of China", "the discipline of the Communist Party of China" and "the central economic work conference" was carried out. According to the contents of the revision of "standards" and the "Regulations", Liu Secretary key bright spot on two party regulations revised interpretation, and put forward requirements: company Party committee to to study and implement the "standards" and the "Regulations" as the most important political task to do a good job, to implement discipline requirements and carry out "strict three real activities, to implement the provisions of the eight Central and correct" four winds "together, strengthen discipline education of leading cadres, to strengthen the team and members of the leading cadre team construction, style construction, construction of a clean and honest government and Party discipline as the ruler and fully implement strictly supervision responsibility. Members of the team to lead by example, take the lead in learning; the branch to be in accordance with the arrangements and requirements of the party active mobilization, seriously organize the majority of Party members learning "standards" and the "Regulations", promote the implementation of the implementation of the work. In the study, through the interpretation of the central economic work conference spirit, team members the new trends of the economic situation and market trends have new understanding, further clear the direction and goals of the future development of the enterprise.

    Subsequently, Liu secretary on behalf of leadership, the "four good" leadership to create work summary "and said will for" four good "team to create work of active rectification, the meeting also related work of the party were to discuss the seminar.

    In the feature of democratic life, Liu secretary informed from the grassroots cadres and employees to hear and to collect opinions and suggestions, members of the team closely linked ideological and practical work and life, seriously carry out inspections, lack of view, identify gaps in self analysis and puts forward some concrete measures for rectification.

    At the meeting, secretary Liu combined with the main work, talked about the company is currently facing the "reform" and "innovation" two big problems, he pointed out: to reform, must be firm belief, focus on the company's long-term future development, focus on the production tasks and the completion of the indicators, the cadres and the masses, do not unite confidence shake; "innovation" is mainly embodied in the innovation of enterprise management mode, idea is clear, the next step is the key to solve the question of how landing, to put "ideas" to the implementation of the 2016 work plan, clear objectives, tasks and requirements, coordinated operations, and strive in 2016 business work in effect, breakthrough.

    The meeting, through the exchange of learning and, in thought, action and style for the members of the team is put forward higher requirements, help to team strengthening solidarity and boost confidence, update their concepts, creative ground begins the work. Company Party committee called on all Party members and cadres to play a vanguard and exemplary role, work together to do a good job.

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