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    Installation Precaution

    1. Installation

    1.1 Site

    Install blowers in a place with plenty of room for easy removal, assembling and daily inspection. Build a shanty for outdoor installation, and maintain good ventilation for indoor installation.


    The concrete foundation of the unit should comply with the regulation about the equipment installation and foundation. When design foundation, fully consideration should be given to the weight of blowers and pressure resistance of foundation. Foundation should be as horizontal as possible.

    Plenty of space should be reserved for holes of anchor bolts on the foundation.

    1.3 Installation

     Place the blower on the foundation. Insert some horns at suitable positions between base and foundation to make the unit have a even support; level the unit, then make the second grouting and fasten the anchor bolts and nuts after the solidification of grout.


    2.1 Before installing pipes, completely clear away the rust, welding slag, and sundries inside pipes, to avoid serious troubles.

    2.2  For long term of safe operation, install air filter or vacuum filter at the inlet piping.

    2.3  To reduce noises effectively, inlet and discharge silencers with the specified airflow direction should be installed as near to the blower as possible.

    2.4   Flexible joints should be placed near to the inlet and outlet of the blower to compensate installation deviation, and reduce vibration transmission along piping during operation.

    2.5   Please consider placing a blowdown piping equipped with a silencer at the piping near to the outlet of blower or inlet of vacuum pump, to benefit the no-load start and off-load stop of the blower.

    2.6  You’d better install relief valve, check valve at the discharge side of the blower, or vacuum relief valve at the inlet side of vacuum pump.

    2.7  Install pressure gauge at the inlet and discharge side of the blower, or vacuum gauge at the inlet side of vacuum pump.

    2.8  There shouldn’t be too much angle pipes in piping, and avoid right angle pipes as far as possible. Provide adequate support for all piping to avoid extra load being placed on the unit.

    2.9   Install voltage meter and current meter for power supply.

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